RSS Enrollment Process

STEP ONE: The first step for a new consumer to receive the Recovery Support Services (RSS) voucher is a phone screening and scheduling an appointment for the clinical assessment.

There are two ways to get an appointment: 

1. After you have entered a program at one of the RSS-approved Participating Agencies providers, call (816) 768-8606 during normal business hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm 

2. Or, you can request an appointment through our website.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

STEP TWO: The screening appointment can be done by phone or in person at the Access Site. However, the clinical assessment is done via telehealth or in person at the Access Site.

IMPORTANT: The telehealth assessment must be conducted on-site at an RSS-approved agency. It cannot be conducted from a private home or personal mobile device. 

At the time of the in-person assessment at the Access Site, RSS Participants must present: 

  • State-issued identification (Acceptable forms of identification include Missouri Driver’s License, Identification, DOC ID)
  • Social Security Card (containing the participant’s name and social security number)
  • A minimum of three working phone numbers for contacts These will be verified at the time of the appointment

STEP THREE: Once you qualify, a voucher will be issued that pays for your services.

STEP FOUR: The Access Site will reach out to you at least once a month to confirm that you still are participating in the program and to provide any additional resources you might need. To remain eligible for the voucher service, we must be able to connect with you for this ongoing recovery coordination call. Please be sure to update us whenever your phone number and other contact information changes.

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